Valentine’s Day with Al Leone

February 14, 2019

Al Leone is a favorite entertainer who performs for our residents at Whispering Pines. Al's singing and keyboard performances are a special treat during our holiday parties and special events. While he performs, we serve our residents hors d'oeuvres and delicious meals. Our goal is to bring fine dining to Whispering Pines, Al Leone's melodies bring entertainment and rich nostalgia to our residents.

Classical Music With Haley

February 14, 2019

Every Thursday, Haley, a classically trained musician, and local high school student visits Whispering Pines. The atmosphere of our dining room is transformed as Haley shares her gift of music by playing Beethoven, Motzart and Bach. It is such a beautiful compliment to our resident's dining experience.

Joe Cadella and Devorah Bisnov

New Cockatiels

February 13, 2019

Four of the newest residents at Whispering Pines nursing home are there to provide support and comfort to the people recovering there. In exchange, they’ve earned a new home.

The newcomers are cockatiels, rescued by the Northeast Avian Rescue (NEAR) and delivered to Whispering Pines, formerly Talmadge Park, as part of a pilot program with other nursing homes in the region.

“The Whispering Pines situation is the embodiment of an idea my wife and I actually came up with a couple years ago,” said Robert Lewis, who runs NEAR with his wife, Jill.

He said that in the past, NEAR rescued many birds who were not being cared for properly from nursing homes, but the residents of those homes were often sad to see them go.

“The residents so enjoyed looking at and doting on the birds,” said Lewis, who realized that if proper care could be ensured, “we could find homes for these small birds and really provide a nice [distraction] from the daily grind for the people living in these places.”

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Giant Turtles

February 12, 2019

Theses giant turtles found their way to Whispering Pines despite to weather. Whispering Pines is known to have animal visitations, this fun visit in particular was an educational experience where residents got to hold and interact with the turtles. We also got to bid on a race, our residents chose the turtles they thought woud win. It was a fun moment for everyone involved.

Bingo with St. Pio’s 7th Graders

February 11, 2019

St. Pio's is a catholic church, they visit frequently to play different activities with our residents. This moment builds a community bridge between our residents and those outside in the community.